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Contemplating the purchase of U.S. ;self child please pay inside three days, and following 3 Tianbao Bay will no lengthier reserved, please respect the labor; E. On the evaluation :evaluation along with the principles would be the very same, want your care, we can let you 100% satisfaction, but you can find troubles please contact us, as long as it is sensible, we are going to to suit your needs to effectively handle, tend not to make contact with us immediately evaluation, we need to be regarded as your typical existence criteria is very arbitrary oh F.
Thank you for the cooperation ;,we recognized flaws :breakage, huge region of dirt, decoration abscission ;please see in the film, not the impulse to consider, simply because we didn handle these issues.
,if I was incorrect or serious matter. The amount of compensation, we return shipping costs ( compensation regular based on collect guest compensation specifications ). ,to express package deal goods, as visitors in the motives for your returned items, the should deduct the corresponding freight shipments, usually 10.
This shop won't belong to our see of the top quality concern will be sold without adjust ;want back please comply with the rules governing the Taobao. ,as on the web buying have not try out the limitation, we'll be responsible to provide you with the shoe dimension will be the regular reference data.
seven days - a thousand ~ trend suede sanding Daphne Xue Zi Terry volume lead female for short boots stivali ugg for your winter snow boots new 2010 imitation rabbit hair ball scrub
flat band tube while in the Xue Zi limit the limited seckill promotional Korean colour tube while in the snow boots women Xue Zi winter warm Mianxie Mickey Xue Zi Miji autumn scrub intradermal
about returns :,since it is actually a network of revenue, as a way to decrease unnecessary problems, so we set up special pre-sale inspection of items, good quality difficulty goods only can exchange together with the identical color, very same code of items, not for other items.
and women wear the cattle tendon bottom 2010 new warm! stivali ugg leather boots stivali ugg 5826 pairs of buttons ( 4 colors) sold in 1000 pairs from the publish includes all-match leisure scrub
Don wish to get not dimension, this obligation is by yourself. In case your footwear immediately after attempting on footwear that not the right dimension, may be stivali UGG replaced as soon as a shoe code ;replacement expense required from the customers themselves ;code conversion services is the premise of footwear new, no wear situation, and in two days by express delivery firm returned.
D. Baby photographed immediately after the payment facts :Infant photographed after please make contact with the owner, three days are not able to contact customers, baby will be re-released, won remain items, since the footwear are in short provide.
increased real rabbit hair quick boots W-110/w-120 double crown lady ugg ultra thick artificial lamb hair swept Europe and the United States snow footwear Tupper specials! Stretch
velvet variety of wearing high-heeled cultivation method over-the-knee boots sexy winter! Seckill export Korean snow boots eunchae in tube thickening thermal flat with female winter money
,is not going to accept the color doesn, unpleasant, top quality of workmanship just isn't excellent, as well as a brand or counters than how, head, a bit bit of stain, footwear fabrics possess a tiny glue watermark, no photographs of the stunning, Also big or tiny the main reason this kind of as being the exchange.
90 yuan put on law flanging short Xue Zi suede 2 remove wear lace-up boots! house as well as the wind seckill on snow warm fur boots tiny s-412 value 2010 Taiwan ANGRY low fringed boots Dan Xuezi Mickey Miji Star love short barrel rivet stivali ugg XD-4 particular package deal submit new personality Street knitting handsome flat with Martin boots rope lace tassel short Xue Zi magic box ~ elegant Russian princess, ~ bow combination rabbit flanging HEELS ANKLE BOOTS ultra fashionable temperament belt buckles decorated really rabbit legs high heels brief boots 15% off special time-limited seckill! ISBN seckill explosion full leather Plush Snow Boots 019-6 2010 days only earn popularity 0 profit new low and high barrel female boots thigh Xue Zi winter new Australian classic all-match colour suede thick Plush Dichotomanthes bottom boots stivali ugg 4 colors into the explosion of vivi magazine encouraged thickened end increased female Xue Zi high cylinder boots Qi Shixue Philharmonic footwear R - ten thousand double excellent boots rPK anti million years of winter freezing point cost 2C snow boots! ! heart also home Winter 2010 fashion put on high heels boots Xue Zi 4 X112 Philharmonic footwear sells more than 5000 pairs ;two in Wu SANGJIE tide boots! Terry boots stivali ugg two colors painted premium hot winter, boots authentic stivali ugg fashion hand-painted hand-painted shoes Xue Zi BD5 top leather boots wins UGG snow boots boots particular package submit YAYA seckill 2010 Autumn New Korean Rome footwear and bare Xue Zi punk rivet high heel footwear short boots Ma Dingxue Europe along with the United States all over winter cute fringe boots wool stivali ugg ( 2618 Mickey Miji 5854 simple all-match leather snow boots xd-5 get in very good - Napoleon air inner platform heels and bare boots CH-55 package publish big cylinder during winter essential nubuck leather warm flat heel boots tall female Xue Zi YSNVA-1 percentile female Xue Zi lace two wear comfort level with a flanging stivali ugg Armani Dc.
Yuantong express courier firm 2012 stivali UGG along with the common phone A: STO click network distributed query region the place the telephone ( advised) B: along abundant express the unified nationwide phone 4008111111 C: EMS publish express.
Beyond the time we regarded as when you determine the product along with the transaction. ,as across a dress in situation, any problems can be returned items, to supply us with photographs, do have troubles, based on the circumstance, compensated.
Cn unified national phone 11185 D: Yuantong Express suggested seller sources: seller credit score :Spot :Chengdu Sichuan commodity classification of the ( C ) 2010 purchasing purchasing channel, Taobao shopping manual network suggested organizations were additional :having to pay valuable reality name attestation and consumer protection services, please rest assured buy road Cher Great sheepskin stivali ugg black metallic rivets skull head 40 percent off pack submit tiny left Xiaoyou & ;2010 new female boots scrub fringed National Snow Boots magazine to all-match boots Winter 2010 Li Filial piety and PU warm temperament boots with 50 percent off bags of mail boots tassel female quick Xue Zi factory cost 23.
Markens leather Martin Boots 8 hole female models / full leather 8 hole Ma Dingxue colored poly cost-effective Shop non-slip waterproof couples warm footwear snow boots shoes two men
STO 1 kilograms, the unified price of 10 yuan, add 6 yuan per kg. Usually inside three days of arrival. ( covering a broad range, delivery and use, recommended! ) in remote regions is an additional.
boots child warm winter thick flat shoes with flat head within the winter of 2010 new stivali ugg Limited special hot a buckle color fur warm thickened brief cylinder cotton Xue Zi in
coarse heel Knee Boots fashion boots female Xue Zi Australia Ugg Boot Bag Mail 58155825 high / medium cylinder top Australian leather wool Xue Zi particular on the snow boots 2010 new

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